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Screenshot of Knob Creek's Website

Full Web Redesign

We were tasked with redesigning the Knob Creek site from scratch. The client wanted the brand to feel more ‘craft’ and we obviously agreed. After many hours of ‘research’ we decided on a route that factored in both the audience with beards and without. Our goal was to provide a site experience that showcased the product, while informing the user not only to the product, but the process in crafting the product itself.
Build it Responsive

We wanted to make sure that the site looked great across all devices not just on a desktop computer. Where else to find out more about your favorite booze than your phone!

We used a fluid grid to wrangle the images and content to deliver an experience that is simple and easy to navigate.

Screenshot of Website on Multiple Devices
Screenshot of 'Become a Brother' Asset
Knob Creek Logo
Illustration of Label Maker

Custom Label Maker

Screenshot of Custom Label Maker


Illustration of Wireframes

Final Designs (Continued)

Screenshot of Home Page
Screenshot of Our Story Page
Screenshot of Brother of Bourbon Page
Screenshot of Our Products Page
Screenshot of Label Maker Page
Screenshot of Product Page