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Surfacing Global Content to Share With the World

Delivering fresh multi-national content for Jones Lang LaSalle
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Consistent Communication for 72 Countries

We've been helping Jones Lang LaSalle since 2009 on numerous global and country specific needs. This project was our first engagement with JLL where we needed to rethink how content was delivered. We also kept in mind that, like most pieces for JLL, everything would need to support numerous languages. We helped change the worldwide homepage towards a visual approach that let users discover valuable content in a fresh way.


Line-lengths, character spacing, left to right & right to left reading patterns, multi character output for Eastern countries, were among many of the challenges presented with this project. We designed a rigid structure that had flexibility on the code side as a solution to corral all the global language variables.

Hybrid IA

First and foremost we took a look at the structure of the content presented and found a new and engaging way to present that content. Being that this was our first engagement with the client, we decided that we would share a hybrid visual/information architecture phase to help everyone get on the same page as quickly as possible.

Design Elements


Final Designs

Screenshot of Our Products Page